Jennifer J. Williams, BSc(H), MD, FRCPC

Episode 8

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The Sheldon Kennedy Show – Episode 8.

Recorded on April 25th, 2022.

Jennifer J. Williams-  BSc(H), MD, FRCPC

Jennifer is a compassionate and trauma-informed gastroenterologist and leader who is committed to creating healthy work environments which support individuals to thrive while improving the quality of healthcare, enhancing patient experience and outcomes and achieving system sustainability.  Understanding and leveraging the interplay between leadership, psychosocial health and safety, and sense of belonging is a particular passion.

Jennifer graduated from Memorial University Medical School and has been practicing gastroenterology for almost 15 years.  She is Chief Wellness Officer certified from Stanford Well MD and has been a leader in advocacy and building highly functioning teams- Director, Alberta medical association board where she was integral in the development of the AMA healthy work environments framework, Founding member of the AMA Specialty Care Alliance, Well Doc Alberta Collaborator developing the link between leadership and wellness, Deputy Chair (clinical,) department of medicine and Alberta Health services co-chair Psychological safety committee and Lead South Sector- provincial medical affairs Diversity, Wellness and Leadership Development.

Jennifer is passionate about system transformation through the lens of the experience of the workforce.  Patients cannot be first in a system where the employees/physicians come last. She believes that creating healthcare teams characterized by safety, trust, connection, voice, empowerment, and compassion that we can transform the system, together.

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Episode 8