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Episode 10

Dina Bell-Laroche

As a certified professional coach with the International Coach Federation, Dina’s passion is in supporting sport leaders looking to explore various ways to develop, learn, grow, and thrive.

Episode 6

Bryant McBride

Bryant McBride builds businesses at the intersection of sports, technology and media. Bryant's entrepreneurial track record over 20 years is 5-1-1 netting investors 8X cumulatively on invested capital, with one more investment, Burst, where he is...

Kyle Shewfelt Episode 5

Kyle Shewfelt

A lifelong devotee of gymnastics since learning how to do a cartwheel as a young boy, three-time Olympian Kyle Shewfelt made history by winning gold on the floor exercise at the 2004 Athens Games, the first and only medal for a Canadian in artistic...

Episode 4

Kaitlyn Weaver

Kaitlyn Weaver is a three-time World medalist figure skater with partner Andrew Poje. Post-competitive life finds this ambitious creative engaging in her skating community, participating in and initiating global fundraisers, and part-time coaching...

Episode 3

Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton is an award-winning investigative journalist with the Winnipeg Free Press. He was most recently nominated for two national journalism awards, including the Michener Award and the CJF Jackman Award.